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Patiala is such kind of city that carries its legacy of the rich heritage in art and culture. Patiala is widely famous for its delicious food, traditional handcrafts, Phulkaris, folk music, and old bazaars. Photography services in Patiala evolved from the era of princely states. There are some examples that established the factor of wedding photography services in Patiala that started at the starting of the 20th Century.  Here is a list of some good wedding photographers in Patiala.


  1. IRIS Image Studio, Patiala IN
  2. Jatinder Kamboj Photography, Patiala IN
  3. Patiala Wedding Photography
  4. Best Wedding Photography in Patiala
  5. Punjabi Wedding Photographer, Patiala
  6. Sikh Wedding Photographer, Patiala IN
  7. Hindu Wedding Photographer, Patiala IN
  8. Elite Wedding Photographer, Patiala IN
  9. Khatri Wedding Photographer, Patiala IN
  10. Aggarwal Wedding Photographer, Patiala, IN
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