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Think of a bride in India gets a digital camera as Mehar(dowry) on her wedding

A positive sign of more women looking their rights in community

Indian Muslim bride getting a Sony a7-III as Mehar on her wedding.

A young lady by profession as a multimedia specialist named Husna Abdul Latheef from Karuvampoyil, near Koduvally, (Kerala) demanded a DSLR camera as the Mehar (dowry) for her wedding last week.

During marriage ceremonies with her husband Jawad Hussain, a software developer from Akkode, near Vazhakkad, by accepting a Sony a7-III, a mirrorless ICLS full-frame camera similar to DSLR camera without the mirror inside, as her Mehar (dowry).
“We usually find people asking for gold as Mehr. I wanted something more useful. So I demanded a Sony mirrorless camera, which I had used before,” Ms. Husna said.

As a multimedia professional, it was her deep passion for photography that made her demand a DSLR/Mirrorless camera as her Mehar(dowry). Someone can see this move as a strong revolution among Muslim women seeking their rights in their community. “Mehar in Islam is the right of a woman when she marries a man.”
It was her passion for photography that made her demand a camera as her Mehr. But she became the latest among Muslim women spinning a silent revolution in the community by being assertive of their rights. Mehr in Islam is the right of a woman when she marries a man.

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