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Since 2019, we are witnessing the slowest economic growth in comparison to the last couple of years. This impacts as well as affecting common people the most.
As COVID-19 grapple the world continuously, Indian individuals from every corner of the state of the economy facing hard times post lockdown since March 2020.

Before nationwide lockdown in March, the wedding industry in-country is flourishing its size worth over $50 billion. Due to fears about the impact of Coronavirus pandemic and the imposition of curfew or say restrictions on the social gathering of people to participate in their family wedding ceremonies have leads them to take immense changes for those individuals who were planning to get married in the current year. That results in the mass postponement of marriages, very few people decreased the size of their ceremonies and gathering or doing online ceremonies.

Once believed to be recession-proof, those individuals who depend on the wedding industry are not sure for the days ahead in the season. The life of people associated with the wedding industry is based on the year calendar.

“Weddings are just postponed, not going anywhere”

This pandemic comes with a simple question – “How will the effect of this COVID pandemic change wedding ceremonies in the coming years?”

Most of the time, Indian weddings happened on very specific dates of the year, which termed as auspicious muhurtas for the event. These dates are available all the around year calendar results in weddings ceremonies throughout the year. And for all fat Indian wedding ceremonies, wedding specialists are at the very center of every corner of celebrations.
But, due to lockdown, everything is now postponed.

Large scale event companies depend on people who are into crafting skills of wedding venues and worked on the basis of daily-wagers. Most of these people moved from urban areas to back to their hometowns for the betterment of their lives. The industry is witnessing the shortfall of these people, which results in burning more money into the same events. Clients don’t want to spend lavishly high just for brief gatherings.

In conclusion, thousands of people who are associated with this industry are looking for work, but in reality, there is no work right now, even in the coming few months.