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Me, Jatinder Kamboj, co-founder & main photographer of IRIS Image Studio, photography for me is like paint the real memory through the magic of our lenses. There is always a new story for every wedding out there, and our job to retain those important moments of the story through our art workflow in wedding photography, because for real stories, real people, real moments, we create real wedding photographs and that matters the most. We specialize in different genres of photography especially in wedding and pre-wedding shoots, portraits, and destination events. You celebrate your big day anywhere in the world, we will be there to capture those important wedding rituals and customs for you.

Why wedding photography is so important? Because the photographs we create at your wedding will be seen by your future generations, by your children and your grandchildren. Is not that so much interesting? After passing a few decades of your marriage, your future generation will admire your wedding photographs and they will realize how beautiful both of you as a couple.

After the evolution of digital cameras especially DSLRs and mirrorless, wedding photography is evolved to such a height, that is beyond anyone’s imagination. With the help of technology and gifted photographers like our team, that helps in creating magnificent portraits and photographs of your big day. The way we work as a wedding photographer is helping to capture your beauty in a very different way, that is beyond your imagination.

Many of our clients have large size posters or canvas to hang them on their bedroom wall. And just imagine, the beautiful smile and the love in the eyes, the memory they have seen every morning of their wedding day. Your wedding photographs are always there to tell you the story of your life started this amazing venture called marriage.

One of the most important aspects of your wedding photography is that it will remain forever with you for your entire life. Just think about the flowers that will decorate your wedding location, the food, all the decorations at your wedding location, your guests, will disappear soon just after your big day. Likewise, your spouse, your wedding photographs collection will make you remember the story of the love of the biggest day in your life. After spending tens of thousands of Rupees on your magnificent wedding location, on all food and decorations, the only thing, the bride and groom will memorize that special day through the photographs of a big wedding day.

We invest a lot of time in the planning of this splendid event, and you must have a reason to not share the photographs of this event with the rest of the world. You don’t know, that could be an inspiration to hundreds of couples out there in the world. You must share your wedding photographs through your Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest account to the world. That could influence your style to many people out there in the world.

And the biggest truth: marriage is an excellent travel with ups and downs as part of everyone’s life. Whenever then life throws you a curveball, your wedding photo album will always be a light of hope. Sometimes, not spending much on a good photographer is one of the couple’s biggest rues ever. And don’t worry, we will not let you down here. Your search for a good wedding photographer ends here.

We really like to have a conversation with you through phone or meeting in person regarding your wedding photography. A big hope to see you soon!!!

We are making an important impact as a best wedding photographer in Patiala

In most situations, making a decision to choose the right wedding photographer is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will make. The kind of wedding photography of your important day is about so much more than the treasure itself for a lifetime. Through our photography, we try to make photographs not only what are your looks, your makeup, and jewelry but your deep feelings inside, the way you felt, and the way you loved by your family members right there at that moment on that day. The photographs you receive are a document of the time, they will take you back and allow you to live moments and feelings again and again.


Our photography services are widely anticipated in multiple domains of photography. Generally, we cover all genres while working with every type of commercial photography, and wedding photography is one of them.

Wedding Photography

Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. The kind of wedding photography of your important day is about so much more than the treasure itself for a lifetime. A big Hope to see you soon!!

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots (photography) is a very personal thing. Your pre-wedding photography should be as unique as you are. Through the process of a pre-wedding shoot, it allows the couple to get to know each other in a better way.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is a large domain among various photography genres. It consists of various photography shoots especially for clothing and garments. Beauty and skin are other large areas of fashion photography. In India, the best fashion is around traditional clothing.

Beauty Photography

Beauty photography is an extended domain under the genre of Fashion photography. It mainly consists of skin and jewelry, all makeup, and hair products. The commercial use of beauty photography is to promote various products related to skin and jewelry.

Corporate Events

We cover large corporate events, cover all their guests and interviews to promote corporate lifestyle and occurrences. Corporate events, usually product launch parties,  and consist of a very heavy pressurized environment where you will not get another chance.

Commercial Promos

Commercial photography is usually the practice of branding and promotion of brands and their products. It is used by businesses and e-commerce companies to make money. We usually do various types of commercial shoots includes products and promotional activities.

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Our legacy comes from our prime customers and we have built our trust through our delivery of the finest wedding photography work.

I heard of Mr. Jatinder and we hired him for one of our functions. He is so intelligent in his profession that everyone must meet him at least once. Wedding photography is his forte and he plays with lenses during the shoot. He is so updated with technology that no one can beat his acumen.

Bhawna Ahuja

Teacher cum counselor, St. Xavier School, Rajpura - Distt. Patiala

Had a great experience with Jatin Ji. He had done his duty with perfection and utmost sincerity. He and his entire crew know how to capture memories professionally.  A Bundle of Knowledge in photography. Never seen such a dedicated person in his profession. Wish him all the success in life.

Rahul Deswal

Sr. Advocate, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I highly recommend Jatinder very knowledgeable in photography, thanks to IRIS. Jatinder is an awesome awesome photographer and the educator knows his craft highly recommended. He did a couple of events for me and was excellent !!
Hector L Rivera

Respiratory Therapist & Pro. Photographer, New Jersey, USA

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