I am a photographer and, as an photographer, my thoughts are totally different, whenever I am behind the lens The viewfinder gives me canvas and my vision & thoughts paint the canvas ultimately with rich colors, provides me a strong visualization to communicate with people through my photographs as photographs are considered to be a way of non-verbal communication.

I’m married to the lovely lady Deepa, and between us we have a boy ‘Veer Dipender’ and a girl ‘Janvi’.  I am a photographer since many years. It is my ultimate passion and my way of living.

The core of my work reflects the human nature, capturing moments at every possible situation. Whether it is children roaming on roads, roadside vendors, flower shops, people portraiture, street photographs, abstract and contemporary, monumental and architecture, fashion and modeling, I have deep interest to cover almost every aspect of photography. Life is too short to do anything.

Initially, my core interests was photojournalism and street photographs, but  slowly I started to move on other genres of photography like Lifestyle, Pre-Wedding and Wedding, Fashion and Beauty, Portraiture etc.

In future, my major projects may include commercial assignments in fashion, modeling & product photographs. I have rich experience to assist wedding photographers and may designate some work in the field of Wedding Photographer. Socially, I may do photographs on some social issues especially on issues like child prostitution & child labor, which has deep anti social cause, have deep impact on growth of our communities along with these issues. Children are our future and it is our mutual responsibility to do justice for their empowerment and to  provide them a space for their growth and to make them able to contribute as an important asset for our nations and world.

Photography Career:

I choose to acquire knowledge about digital photography on self basis and further strengths it by pursuing Diploma in Creative Photography from Panjab University Chandigarh. I was topper in my batch and rest is the history. The collections on this site represent just a small selection of my photographs. There’s lot of work in progress. Thanks to everyone who helped me to attain the profession of photography. Without them, it was difficult to attain my career as photographer. I hope you will come back and share the evolving developments, and always feel free to contact me with any comments or inquiries.

After a long and distinguished corporate career I decided to follow my passion and make it my profession which started my journey as a professional photographer. I specialize in studio lighting, Travel, art and documentary photography.  I am a self-taught photographer who likes to go out with his camera more than often and share what I have learned with people. I am very much passionate to set up stereoscopic arrangement of lights and crafting light is my passion. I am very much obsessed with light.

Jatinder Kamboj , (Professional Photographer)


It is said that marriages are made in heaven. Your wedding day is the most beautiful and special day of your life. And, I will help preserve your precious memories forever. I create beautiful photo books and wedding albums so that you can recall your wedding day and experience same joy and happiness again. The key to an amazing picture is that the photographer captures all the right moments at the right time from the right angle. And this is exactly what I do. Wedding Photography
Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

JKP captures, professional pictures of individuals, still life and groups at different events in their lives. We are able to present those images to all potential consumers and offer multiple, pertinent end products and services to help our customer share, present, and preserve those memories.
We offer a various range of photographic services and digital products dedicated to corporate, retail and sport events to capture that special occasion and offer excellent ways to share photos on social media.

Depending on your style and decorating, we help design your session to reflect your tastes.  Whether it’s clean and contemporary, or classic and formal, we’ll help match your vision with your finished portraits.

JKP can provide photoshoots — for marketing, news releases, teaching, or research — the latest digital technology for different photo sessions. Studio photography for business portraits, product photography, or group photos. We want to help you get the most from your photographs. Commercial photography is what we do. Whether you need an advertising photographer or pictures for brochures and web sites, we ensure that you get what you really want.

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Details of all our specialist commercial photography services can be found below, or select an option from the menu at the top of this page.

We take photos that will capture your audience’s imagination. JKP provides fashion and beauty photography solutions based in Patiala. We offer in studio and on location fashion photography services including:
Commercial Fashion Shoots
Fashion Events
Fashion Product Launch Photography
Fashion Editorials
Hair & Beauty Photography
Make-up and Hairstyles

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